Our society conducts urban surfaces cleaning service since 2006.


Invest Victoria is equipped with two (2) static factory for the production / mixing asphalt. Sh.p.k. “VICTORIA INTERNATIONAL INVEST” has two (2) static factory for the production / mixing asphalt (in Klina, Kosovo, and in Elbasan, Albania), as well as a mobile plant for the production / mixing asphalt in the Republic of Albania Also “VICTORIA INTERNATIONAL INVEST” sh.p.k. has owned 2 static quarries (in Kline, Kosovo and in Elbasan, Albania). 2 mobile and quarries in Elbasan, Albania For the realization of all types of construction work “VICTORIA INVEST INTERNATIONAL” ltd have qualified staff employed in the company since its inception. Our company is certified according to ISO standard 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 and 14001:2004

It has in its composition a highly qualified staff, administration and service staff, with many years work experience as former employees of state-owned parks, which passed into private enterprise.

In this regard, we can confirm that we have the necessary skills, experience and also the financial capacity required to perform services in a satisfactory manner, as required by local leaders.

Our administrative and technical staff, which has a many years of working experience in the service and deep knowledge for the organization, control, and operation of technological tools and equipment of this service is likely that in a professional manner to train and supervise all brigades, in the accomplishment of daily tasks, security enforcement for the prevention of occupational injuries to employees, the technological tools injuries etc.

Our labour leaders have a clear methodology of implementation of service associated with the respective graphs. They keep daily notes for everything that everybody realize, or worries on duty.

Control of implementation of tasks is uninterrupted during the 24 hours, including rest days and official holidays. Notes in respect of all inspections, or achievements recorded in the book of the diary of the day, so that, supervisor of the Contracting Authority (City Hall) to have the possibility of their control at any time, on the other hand will have a reconciliation day to solving time.

The company also has opened a book of complaints of citizens for the registration of concerns that they raise. This is accomplished by keeping open 24 hours, relevant information office phone.

The company has program in relation to disciplinary measures. Each worker is regarded as precious value and opportunity to understand what is expected to be done by him during his day of work. In any situation, we act in the right way, that in cases when an employee makes a mistake, so it will be held position, in accordance with the Labor Code and in cases where his work appears to be successful, it will be evaluated, morally and materially , so as to stimulate his performances.

In order to achieve high scores and quality in the realization of urban surfaces cleaning service, we have a special program for the training of employees, because in the process we consider it very important during the performance of duty.

Protective clothing of our employees, uniforms with the company logo is an intolerable request, our staff supervisor.

All services are performed in a quiet, disciplined, orderly and efficient manner, so that during the process of service, do not create pollution, noise, etc.. environment where work

The company has a detailed program for public environmental education community.