“VICTORIA INVEST INTERNATIONAL” sh.p.k. started its activity in the field of low and high constructions, testifying quality and meaningful organization in carrying out the works.

During the years 2004-2006, in the process of privatization of enterprises in Kosovo, “VICTORIA INVEST INTERNATIONAL” shpk, participated actively in privatization of NewCo “Mirusha” LLC (factory for the production of electric centrifugal system concrete piles, and other concrete products), NewCo “Farmakos – Austrian House” LLC (part of the factory for medicinal products), and NewCo Lavertari – Blegtori LLC (agricultural enterprises with 452 hectares of land).

Capital possessed of “VICTORIA INVEST INTERNATIONAL” shpk during this period was multiplied.

During this period, our company implemented successfully a number of contracts with investors: institutions and foreign organizations, municipalities, the Ministry of Transport etc.. These contracts were for construction of highways object construction, channel rehabilitation, construction of civilian objects, etc..

In 2006, “INVEST VICTORIA INTERNATIONAL” shpk began engaging in construction in the Republic of Albania, by carrying out a variety of important projects, including the construction of Lot 3 of the Durres-Morine with two contracts.

The headquarters of the “VICTORIA INVEST INTERNATIONAL” shpk in the Republic of Albania is in Elbasan. Owned by yourself undertaking Victoria Invest LLC with Nipt K32712206U, which actually deals with the construction of roads and cleaning services to the City of Manchester and East Zone of the city of Tirana.

Currently, the construction activity of our society, is focused on the territory of the Republic of Albania, where we have most of the tools and machinery.

We completed the construction of road Librazhd – Diber, in length of 55km . Also recently, on December 27, 2012 have signed two contracts with the Albanian Development Fund with the object: “Construction of road Grekan-Deshiran-Vlashuk (Kozare)” outcome-term 17 months and “Construction of road Librazhd Diber Lot 1 “finishing term 4 months, both of these items in Elbasan district

“VICTORIA INVEST INTERNATIONAL” sh.p.k. owns two (2) static factory for the production of asphalt concrete (a Kline Kosovo, and one in Elbasan, Albania), as well as a mobile plant for the production of asphalt in the country.

Also, possession of 2 quarries static (one in Kline – Kosovo, and one in Elbasan-Albania) and 2 quarries mobile in Elbasan, Albania.

For the realization of all types of constructions “VICTORIA INVEST INTERNATIONAL” shpk has its qualified professional staff, which is employed in the society since its foundation as ; Construction Inginier , Hydro Inginier , Geodesist Inginier, Mechanic Inginier etc.

We are certified with ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.